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About Ayurveda

Ayurveda stems from the great Vedic civilization of India and is considered to be the most ancient and comprehensive health system in the world. Due to its holistic perspective, Ayurveda is now enjoying increasing popularity and recognition. The secret of its success lies in its simplicity, its naturalness, and its effectiveness. According to Ayurveda, inner stability and balance of the physiology are the foundation of lasting health, perfect well-being, and natural beauty.

Ayurveda identifies three fundamental principles of nature´s functioning (called ‘Doshas’). These three doshas operate throughout nature and are found in our mind and body as well. The harmonious balance of these doshas in a human being is a precondition for good health and a balanced, alert mind. The individual predominance of the doshas, i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha, gives rise to the different characteristics of the personality. This is fixed at birth, and determines our type, our likes and dislikes, our weaknesses and strengths.

Test: Are you vata, Pitta or Kapha?

Vata Dosha

VATA – principle of movement

responsible for the nervous system, breathing, all kinds of movement of the
body, and the processes of elimination and evacuation Vata-Dosha is
associated with the elements ether (space) and air. When Vata is in balance,
a person feels full of energy, happy, enthusiastic and creative; the mind is
calm, clear and alert.

Pitta Dosha

PITTA – principle of metabolism

governs – among other things – digestion and the body temperature. In the
field of the mind, Pitta stands for a sharp intellect and emotions. It
mainly comprises the fire element. When in balance, Pitta bestows
contentment, energy, fluency in speech, good digestion, correct body
temperature and a clear mind.

Kapha Dosha

KAPHA – principle of structure

provides the body with firmness and stability and maintains the fluid
balance. The elements of earth and water are associated with Kapha. A
balanced Kapha gives strength, stamina, a good immune system, patience, and
mental stability.

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