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Peter Ljungsberg tar pulsenOur Ayurveda Expert Peter Ljungsberg has worked with Ayurveda since 1985. He will make a diagnosis based in part on your pulse to determine your body type and then give health advice directly tailored to the needs of your constitution. It will help you develop and maintain good health.

Ayurveda prevents disease by addressing, on an early stage, such imbalances which could later lead to the development of diseases. Even if you are healthy at the moment these advices can prevent illness to develop in the future.

Peter has had more than 30000 clients, with a wide variety of health problems. Most common, for example, are gastrointestinal problems, pain, obesity, eating disorders, and not least stress related problems such as sleep disorders, anxiety and fatigue. He leads courses and workshops on Ayurveda and comprehensive medical therapy and lectures regularly at Karolinska Institutet and Uppsala University. Peter is also hired as a consultant on issues related to health and personal development in the workplace, both for groups and for personal coaching.

Peter has in addition to his Ayurvedic training, which includes various forms of treatment and pulse diagnosis, a four-year education as a Psychsynthesis therapist from the Psychsynthesis Academy in Stockholm.

You will get a tailored health program with simple but effective advice for your daily routine, diet and food supplements.

Price: 1000:- SEK/per person, 90 min.

Second visit: 350:- SEK, 30 min.


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